Sunday, September 8, 2013

Between Adventures

Time has passed in the Kingdom of Fom. The heroes of the Order of the Swan, having saved the princess and earned the respect of King Ironcrown and his court, have stayed on a while in the Kingdom. As the season changes, each has spent their time in differing ways, enjoying a well earned rest after the trials of the Shadow Tower.

Lady Rowen, with the help of the Queen and the Tuath of Birchwood Hall, has continued to firm up the new found good feelings between the Syvani and the people of the Kingdom. She has divided her time between diplomatic duties and study and prayer, learning new spells and practicing old ones, and attending feasts and telling bardic tales of the Swan's exploits.

Graham has found himself elevated from "ex" criminal to titled knight of the Kingdom. Sir Graham has wasted little time in wooing the prettiest of the eligible ladies of Kaergot while also spending time with Tristan and Redknife, honing his fighting skills. As reward for his part in saving Princess Iala, the king gifted him with a very fine Halberd, of the finest Durin make. He has yet to name the blade but is already learning it has more properties than simply to cut.

Lord Cinder, having already made good connections with the Mage Tower in the North, and fearing that an extended stay would sorely test his lackluster diplomatic skills, left Kaergot while the wishes were still warm. He continues his magical studies in Heljin's tower under the tutelage of the arch-mages there.

Fathak D'Burjinn crafted his fame and renown into a commission in the Fommish navy, finally finding his way back into a captaincy on a fine vessel, running protection for merchant ships while acting under a letter of marquee and hunting down pirates. It's anyone's guess how long the rogue can stay on the fair side of the law, but for now, life is good.

The Faelinarie, Taen, contributed greatly in cleaning out the city of the spies and cultists of the Web Mistress. In partial conjunction with the city guard and the less reputable guilds, she used her considerable roguish talents to ferret out the worst of the demonic influence. While she knows better than most that such a chore is never finished, that doesn't stop her from trying. Besides, having tasted the life of adventure, she's just not ready to return to her tranquil forest home.

Khabsha has been content to follow Rowen and the other Swans. Like Rowen, she has attended the feasts and banquets, and like her Wicalic sister, she has taken the time to study her shamanic abilities. Perhaps more than the others, Khabsha feels that her time with the Swans is a calling. She does what is necessary to prepare for the trials ahead, including practicing her martial skills.

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