Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blood Moon - 04 "The Badger's Den"

After collecting ponies and weapons from the dead, and seeing to their wounds, the group heads out once more toward the Badger Clan. Garut is indeed severely wounded, and their progress is somewhat slow due to his Travois.

Not far from the Badger village, the group finds an ancient ring of standing stones. Although they are at first leery of investigating them, Fathak eventually convinces Khabsha to check it out with him. Fathak has no luck, but khabsha is able to feel some kind of response, though nothing specific. The ring seems to be attuned to Divination magics.

Later, the group encounters a patrol of Badger clan warriors and is led under guard to the village. They are brought before King Jourl. On the way to the king's tent, they spot an elderly Neran warrior whom Weylin recognizes as a famous warrior adept named Red Spear. Red Spear seems to be training Badger clan warriors.

King Jourl is very hesitant to offer the group any aid. His shaman (Sidri), speaks up in defense of the group after hearing that Orbeus has killed Graymantle and thus probably angered The Huntress. Between the King's opinion that the Badgers should stay uninvolved, and Sidri's opinion that Orbeus needs to be stopped, the group is housed under guard while the King decides their fate.

Garut is taken to a separate healers tent along with his family.

Sidri visits the party and explains that Orbeus and his shaman, Ahnfal killed Sidri's brother, Shogi, and took his scrolls of the Red Moon Ritual. Together with the Clogad na Allta, they now have everything they need to perform the ritual, and must only wait for the rising of the red moon, which will happen at the end of the month. Thus is a deadline introduced.

Later that night, there's a loud hew and cry in the camp with warriors running back and forth. Soon, Red Spear arrives at their tent. He hurriedly explains that Garut has slain Sidri and the group must escape before the King orders their deaths. He distracts the guards long enough for the party to run away, but pursuit can't be far behind.

Why did Garut kill the old shaman?
Where can the party hide from the angered badger clan?
Do they run away from the Forever plains and leave the clans to thier war, or try to prevent Orbeus from enacting the ritual?