Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Aeranos Pathfinder

Well, I have officially moved and am finely settled in enought to start roleplaying again. As such I've gotten together with a new group and have introduced them to the world of Aeranos, sort of.
For one or two important reasons, I am using the D20 / Pathfinder version of my Aeranos ruleset instead of my system. The first reason being player familiarity; the players are all used to, and comfortable with Pathfinder. Secondly, Two of my players are younger (elementary and middle school) and I want them to have something they can share with their friends, with some hope that they can find friends who already know the Pathfinder system.
Last night was our first get-together. Most of the night was utilized to make a party of characters, and what a both balanced but funky group it is...
Brady, our host, is playing Hoof the Half-Orc "beer"barian. Yes, you heard that right, and he is a monster worthy of a place in the manual.
Brady's son Oliver (age 9) is playing Tacoriel (sp?) the Elven fighter, who uses a two handed sword thank you very much.
Levi is playing Fynykys the Human wizard. An old man come late to the career of adventurer.
Chad is playing Bellgrimmner the Dwarven Cleric. Yes, he's a dwarf's dwarf, with all the proper facial hair and hatreds that go with it.
Liam is playing Kathulio the Halfling Rogue, who's rapier is truly pointy and dangerous!
Personalities still need to be brought out of these heroes, but the Gods expect great things from them!
For the short remainder of the night, we went through a quick mock battle, showing the newer players  the ropes, and letting them take out some classic murder hobo vengeance on poor defenseless monsters. Considering the way they mopped the dungeon floor with three goblins, one skeleton and an ogre, their team's effectiveness is not in question.
Next time we will get started with the adventure proper, which by request, is going to be a fairly standard dungeon romp I think.
Stay tuned!
Old D20 PDF of Aeranos (some of this is out-of-date)