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Shadowed Tower - Illustration

Another Illustration from the sessions. Graham battles the shadow spiders in Neued.

Spider Slash photo spiderslashFINAL_zpsbe9336fd.jpg

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Shadowed Tower - 11 "Suspicions"

In the aftermath of the battle with Captain Coll, Rowen and Khabsha help Murin with the wounded and deceased while Cinder continues to keep an eye on Dags, and Graham helps the Talis guards sweep the castle for any remaining possessed or signs of the master deception rune, finding neither.

Taen does one of the things she does best, following the Dinari, Belbi to see where he goes once freed from jail and torture. The tinker is very careful watching his backtrail, and it takes most of Taen's skill to remain unseen, but she manages it, and is eventually led to a unmarked warehouse near the Neued docks. Belbi meets with two other Dinari and the three discuss something in their native tongue, which Taen doesn't speak. She is only able to discern a few words which she think means hook and mule and she is sure the name Master Wayfinder is used.

When the three Dinari leave together, she follows. When the Dinari leader splits off from Belbi and the third one, Taen decides to follow the leader, noting the supply yard that the two step into. She follows the leader to the upscale Neued Inn where Ferg Wayfinder is staying. The Dinari takes up watch across the street from the inn. Taen sneaks into the Inn and warns Ferg of this before making a quick trip to the castle to relay info, then returning to a perch where she can continue to watch the

Meanwhile, back at the castle, the rest of the party decides to sleep in Dag's tower room to protect their friend.

In the morning, they all decide to accompany Graham into town for his meeting with the Dinari, with hopes to talk to the faux-tinker and perhaps learn if he indeed has transportation they can pay for a ride on.
Taen watches the Dinari leader enter the inn and order breakfast, and once she's sure he's not up to no good, she hurries off to join the others at their meeting with Belbi.

At the tinker fields to the south of the town, Graham meets with Belbi while the others wait at the far end of the field - and Taen hides. Belbi offers the 25 Rhis to Graham in payment for his rescue. Graham hints that they would much rather be taken to the capitol in a hurry. Belbi  feigns ignorance to his meaning and says his farewells. Rowen hails him and convinces him that she can get Ferg to rent his mules. This promised, Belbi promises a meeting with their leader, Master Gimblius, again at the Tinker Field, in two hours.

Off they go to talk with Ferg at the Inn. Once there, they convince Ferg to make the deal, promising to stay with the mules the whole way and protect them. It's then that they notice the large party of soldiers just entering the town square. A quick  inspection through the windows of the inn confirm their fears. It's a wagon and unit of warriors from Wheat Hill. The soldier in charge hands out parchments to his soldiers, who immediately start searching the town.

Devising a plan, they send Taen to the castle to warn Cinder and allow him the chance to explain to the Steward, Master Olfson. Meanwhile, they sneak to their meeting with Gimblius the Tinker. It takes some doing, but eventually they barter a deal. The Dinari can use Ferg's mules in exchange for quick passage to the capitol. While Gimblius won't tell them the exact nature of their transportation, he promises that all will be made clear upon departure, and exacts a promise from the group that they will keep the Dinari's secrets. The deal made, the group promises to meet the tinkers in the warehouse district after they make a stop at the castle.

Master Olfson sends some horses for the group and they arrive at Castle Talis before the Wheat Hill contingent. After discussing the true events that led the false accusations, Olfson seems willing to believe them. When the Wheat Hill soldiers arrive he speaks with the sergeant in charge. He chooses not to arrest the PCs, but insists that they remain at Castle Talis until Laird Jordie returns.

When Rowen explains that they have a chance to make it to the capitol quickly, but can't detail the means, Master Olfson's suspicions grow. When they tell him that it is through some magical means of the Dinari travellers, he is still hesitant, but decides to let them go, as long as he can send a trusted castle soldier with them to verify the Dinari's story.

They leave Dags in the care of Wicala Murin and make their way to the rendevous with Master Gimblius. In the supply yard they help to load the mules. When the loading is finished, they are introduced to Red Gail, a Dinari Illusionist who begins veiling the large group in camoflauging magic.

Unfortunately, before he can finish an ambush is sprung by Shadow  possessed Talis guards. Arrows fly from the left and right as everyone ducks for cover. The heroes engage the enemy alongside the Dinari's, who all pull small, deadly crossbows. A figure shrouded in dark robes appears and casts a giant cloud of rolling darkness. Khabsha counters with light. Cinder lobs fireballs. Mules are shot with enemy arrows. Chaos! Seeing the need to get out of the supply yard, they whip the mules forward through the gates.