Friday, November 7, 2008

SESSION SEVEN "Daagar in the Mist"

Session Date: Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Adrift in the thickening mist of the fens, the group spends a few minutes getting things in order and unsuccessfully searching for the lost boat pole. Once they figure out the pole is well and truly gone, they lash the two boats together, tail-to-nose. Shujen the summons his owl to lead the group in the direction of the enemy.

A half candle later, with owlish help, they hear the enemy boat and soon see the dim glow of a torch in the fog. They come upon a large block of hewn stone, and other signs of an ancient ruin ahead. Being extra quiet, Rory is able to spot a Daagar sentry and at least two other figures briefly in the fog. They skirt the area and move around what is apparently a large land mass, coming ashore in the reeds to the left of the enemy landing.

Trying for as much quiet as possible, with some members in field plate, the group moves upslope from the boats with Rory in the lead. Rory soon spots another Daagar sentry and motions the others down. Using his invisibility spell, he sneaks up on the sentry. He's about to sink a Daagar axe into a Daagar neck when he spots a second figure near the sentry, this one with a bow.

Perplexed by the additional hidden figure he decides to carry through his sneak attack and drops the Daagar with one good blow -and is promptly fired upon from the hidden archer as he becomes visible. Jumping nimbly to cover he motions the rest of the party up as the archer puts mouth to horn and blows a warning alarm.

Grog smiles and laughs, seemingly glad to be done with the sneaking portion of the mission.

Shujen sends his owl after the hidden archer as answering horns are heard further up the hill. Ewald takes advantage of the moment to hastily don the Daagar's leather armor as Grog rifles the corpse for loot. A terrible shriek puts an end to the archer's warnings. The group moves uphill and finds Shujen's owl badly injured and the enemy archer (a strange, black-skinned kudra with white irises) unconscious and dying from horrible injuries to the face and neck.

With the enemy forces warned, the group moves further left through the ruins, hoping to at least find a better tactical position. Rory spots more enemy forces taking cover above them and Grog smells enemies along the shore behind them. It's not long before Kudra arrows, fired at severe arcs, begin to hit the ground and stones near the group.

Fearing they will soon be flanked and in serious danger from arrowfire, they decide to take the battle to their enemies. Ewald envelopes Gerty and Grog with his Shield of Faith spell and Shujen casts a Protection from Evil spell. Thus readied, Grog and Shujen head downhill to engage the enemy below while the rest of the party charges the enemy forces above.

Grog's fear-inducing charge renders the Kudra archers he his facing helpless with fear and he quickly smashes one to a pulp before the Daagar warriors with them can react. Above, Gerty and Ewald dodge arrows while Tristan and Rory trust to their speed and armor to charge the enemy. Stopping short of the Daagar warriors, Rory summons his Flaming Sphere on the head of an enemy archer, who screams in pain and terror.

Above and below, the adventurers cut (and burn) down the enemy, taking mostly minor wounds in the conflict. An exception is a nasty, chain splitting cut to Tristan's ribs that's sure to leave a bruise, but is of only light, immediate concern. As the last of the current round of enemies fall, the heroes regroup. Gerty strips another Daagar of his armor and dons it herself as Rory senses something from higher in the ruins.

"Uhh, guys, I think something is being summoned..."