Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blood Moon - 03 "Blood Wolf Attack!"

Khabsha's Journal:

There was a fast and furious battle that thundered over the plains for miles.

A dozen Blood Wolf Oroka warriors came over a rise firing arrows. They split into two flanking columns.

Rowan took a nasty wound that upon later inspection was more painful than serious, & then another one a bit later. Firing dismounted, her archery dropped some enemies until the galloping columns left her behind.

"Jim" (Fathakk) was a horse thief, an airborne jumping horse thief. "Boiing!" Daggers & Matilda in a blur of motion. Baffled Blood Wolves found themselves hitting the grass at high speeds.

Weylan felled some with his bastard sword, including one spectacular brain cleave.

Khabsha felled some with her warhammer, including a facial crunch & a windpipe smash. Later, her archery finished the last fleeing enemy, including one lucky long shot.

Cinder felled at least one enemy with magic.

How the Oroka friends fared will be told later. The lanky one was dropped. Could be serious.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blood Moon - 02 "Dead Bears and Big Feckin little people!"

Khabsha's journal entry.

Hmm...Weylan carefully and quietly climbed downslope & buried his sword in an unaware Blood Wolf who was watching the horses.
Montouk stated that his first plan had been to take Kelibri westward into maze country. He mentioned the Badger Clan to the south as neutral, guarded, & willing only to trade. His princely status couldn't hurt, and they should be given warning. Hopefully they have a few warriors extra eager for a fight.

Riding southward, Rowan had repeated visions of a headless spirit "chesting" westward. Diverting the group led to the finding of Swift Deer massacre survivors Garut, his wife Cadi, and their child Huron.

Soon after, flock of vultures led group to a Great Oak, where they found the body of GreyMantle, an enormous bear. Two days dead & without head. Many hoofprints (12-20?) lead northward. The Usual Suspects.

Then Scrim came charging out in a hungover huff. "Who the Fuck are Yeuww?!!" He was huge and strangely bony. Fathak nimbly avoided the fist that churned the earth. Weylan held halberd defensively & stated that we did not do this.

Rowan's quick and quickwitted use of Wical Command made the biggun "Stop and Listen." After stating the basic facts, group was invited in for a talk and a "drink". There were a couple of chambers under the tree. One was the chamber that held the Glogad na Allta. GreyMantle was the guardian of the magical helm that in the right ritual could transform one into something wild & scary.

Scrim's wine was superb in flavor but had a punch like his big version. The group did not merely loosen up, they left themselves wide open for anything the Biggun might have desired. Fortunately, Scrim not rapist like the Blood Wolves. Khabsha may acquire a Booze Lightweight Drawback.

Through a half drunk haze, group decided that two day mounted lead too much to close. Scrim, like Dennis Hopper (dying of prostate cancer), said we need a plan. Part One of the Plan looks like continuing on to Badger Clan.

Blood Moon - 01 " A New Adventure Begins!"

Well, despite a TPK the last time around, we're all back for another try at Aeranos. This time we have our good friend Brady at the keyboard, telling the tale from his character's point of view...

Erstwhile, our plucky band of mis-adventurers had found themselves thrown through space (and perhaps time) into the inky black heart of an eldritch cavern, wherein, under the illumination of a single torch, they observed a murder.

Or perhaps an accidental death, but either way, there were a dead Orokan shaman bleedin on the floor.
( yes, this sentence, and perhaps a score more to follow, use irregular grammar, end-jambed rhyme, and the occasional lovecraftian adjective.
This is working as intended.)

There in the tenebrous halls, the ichorous contents of the shaman's organs warbled and oozed their way to the edges of a circle delved into the rough cavern floor.

"Bloody feckin christ!" exclaimed Famous Jim, our pirate incognito.

He noted in his immediate vicinity a fairly hot Syvani woman, an Orokan goth girl, a hugely muscled reject from the Argosian fighting pits, and a man who had very obviously been made as his mirror image.

Quite disturbed by this prospect, our plucky hero immediately shifted his mighty mind into his biceps, and thus strengthened, snubbed out the blood-filled circle – lest its eldritch magics further discombobulate his new-found crew.

"Waky-wakey, eggs & bakey!" Said Jim, ( who our readers may remember is actually the dread pirate Fathakk Burjinn, of the house Burjinn; and a more rascally, vicious scurve the Nine Seas have never since known!)

The new-found crew, however, were already awake, and seemingly unaware of their new employer-employee relationships.

Most took up a defensive position, some fiddling with magics, some with weapons, one with a very obviously dead (ish) Orokkan. Through the guttural, klingonian speech, Fath (Jim) was able to make out:
"Not....Swans? .......Feck."

Retreating to the shadows, Jim attempted to go through the pockets of the bleeding shaman, but was met with consternation and disapproving scowls. Thus is the result of lootery during an emergency first-aid attempt. Noting screams and sounds of battle from further down the grobbulous cavern's depths, Jim and his crew left the Orokkan goth girl to play with her new shaman doll's dead spirit. Needing light, and not wanting to create a steady target should there be foes ahead, Jim gifted one of the Syvanni's arrows with a mage glimmer, which produced yet another look a consternation, this one a bit stronger than the last.

Rounding the corner, the crew met with a cavern opening into the night air, and a hail of arrows. A lone Orokkan perched behind the rocky cliff-edge and returned fire to unseen foes below. The Syvanni woman ( Whose name turned out to be Rowan... go figure, bloody elves.) ran to the ledge & plopped down next to the Orokkan & began to open fire into the unidentified brigands below.
Being of a somewhat inquisitive nature, our hero gifted himself with an uncanny ability to leap vast distances, and launched over the cliff-face; nimbly dodging down through arrow fire and hurled ire, to land behind whatever villains might be found there.
"Halloo!" he quipped, while relieving a villain of his need for hat, helmet, or haircut. Bloody hot ichor splashed across Fathakk's visage as he lunged towards his next victim.
Said victim turned out to be a freakin huge Orrokan warrior, who was angry both at having his friend's blood all over him, and that a measly little twerp in a very tattered cloak seemed to be the culprit.
With a parry and a thrust and an acrobatic kick to the brave's mid-section, Fath was on his way down the hill when he realized there was a spear hurtling through the air towards his face. Plucking said spear from the air, he found himself engaged with two Orokkan braves, both of which outweighed him by a good fifty-stone.

Lucky for our hapless hero, the newly acquired pirate crew was also in the process of descending the cliff-face, and handily routed the Orok horse lords. Handily, at the same time, a princess was saved via a long bow-shot and a prayer, and a prince reunited with her via some rope and an unconscious abductor. The day roundly was saved.

/To be continued.../

SESSION TWENTY FOUR "The End of the Line"

Perhaps someday I'll feel like detailing the demise of our heroes, but for now, all I can manage is a brief overview of those last few precious moments....

Unable to lift the massive portcullis, Ewald spell-tunneled a small passage. Ewald, Rory and Tristan closed the front drawbridge before a band of more skeletons and Daagar could enter, but not before a big Bone Demon got in. As Gruff fought and killed the demon alone, the other three fought their way upstairs, looking for the portcullis mechanism. They found it along with another group of Daagar and shamblers.

Despite some impressive killing by Rory, the fates turned against our heroes. One after the other was cut down in a gruesome display of what bad luck and overwhelming numbers can do to an adventuring party. Left alone to face Kadagar and his many remaining minions, Gruff sold his life at as high of a price as possible, but alas died too, bringing the quest to an abrupt, and dismal end.

But we had fun!