Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grayforge Isle

The ongoing adventures of the Order of the Swan are taking a slightly different Bloggish form. My newest Aeranos project is a illustrated, journal-style novella of the adventure. As such, it's a heck of a lot throw into a blog.

The illustrations are a work in progress, and I will throw in some samples as the adventure proceeds. I have the first part of the story written (first draft) and here is a link.

Part 1 (Rough) 

These are the short-hand notes of the second and third parts, which will probably only make any sense to my players, but until I get the rest written, is all I have to show.

Part 2
Discussed sneaking in. Causing a distraction. How to escape with 17 weak and wounded Dinari.
Discussed another recon by Taen.
Discussed finding and talking to the Silverbelly Golem. How do we find him?
Yank! anchor chain. He has found the ship. Pulling it down... one armed!
Cloudwalk. Taen investigates.
Conversation. Stirred the nest. Kudra angry. Wants to make a deal. Meet on the shore.
Hokbeuli's story. Crab God senses all. Took my arm. Help retrieve friends in exchange for help retrieving hammer. "The story" Can't harm kudra. Taen: Drag ship. Khabsha: Cloudwalk to avoid detection. Blood magic prevents detection. Disturb treasure bring CrabGod and Kudra. Hokbeuli strikes, retrieves Dinari. Exchange.
Kudra coming. Hide in water behind rock.
Back on ship. Discuss plan. Make deal. Will MacGowen give up the hammer? Gail doesn't know. Not his call. Look over notes on Angvar's barrow. Discuss poem. Red Witch? Blood sorcery? Too bad Cinder's not here. Send Taen to agree and retrieve a piece of Silverbelly unknown for scrying purposes. How will we get the anchor chain to him? Should work, as long as the weather is good...
Cut to morning. Raging storm. hail, sleet, winds. DO WE PROCEED? We must.
Engineering scene. lower the ship. reel the anchor chain. apply shorter chain. Khabsha nearly slips.
Silverbelly takes chain. Disappears into water. Can he hold the ship? Yes. At least no kudra patrols.
2 candles later. Close call. Get to northern tip of Island.
Cloudpack. Cloudwalk. Silverbelly leaves anchored. Heads to village to wait.
Slog through mist. In danger of being pushed off of island. Tired.
Reach dolmen. All growth ceases. Khabsha senses. Blood drenched stones. Test. no damage.
Move on to huge, perfect structure. massive dome.
Lightning strike. shaken. Deaf. Split up. Khabsha and Taen find "entrance" Slab. Dolmens.
More blood and old runes. Others find nothing til they meet up from other side.
Check slab. Huge. Immovable. Engraving. Understanding spell. "Ye who disturb the dead, suffer the curse of living death"
more blood and ethereal ice. The cold of death seen with spell. Taen sees Athelbran in lightning on barrow. Bone white skin. Fearful. Spells waver.
spread out around door. No way in. Khabsha "climbs" Graham touches earth... no crabgod. must be within boundary.
Khabsha finds small hole. Taen might fit. Taen won't go. work at hole with hammer. "someone watching" feeling. Enough breaks to possibly get Rowen through. Go to top. Feeling stronger. pulled off? by Red Witch.
Graham and Rowen check out hole. Do we go back?
Must go on. Rowen strips out of armor. throws in light stone. Hawkwing silent. ties rope. Enters head first. Scary moment. not stuck. drops into pillared chamber. reeks of death.
exits: hole in floor. narrow arch to north and south. puddle.
Thru arch: chain diagonal. more pillars. another archway to south, another hole in floor. Taen stays right on Rowen. ancient warrior corpses. falling apart.
Outside, rain intensifies.
Part 3
explore pits.
find Blood Chamber door. symbol. Maybe later.
Back the other way. Explore beginning of Gloomrot Hall. Light extinguished. see blades. hmm.
Go back to hole. explain choices.
Taen attacked by Bone Golem. minor wound.
Rowen joins attack. Golem flees down gloomrot hall.
Back to Blood Chamber door. Open.
A few steps in. Taen realizes poison herbs. Step back.
Too late. Rowen sneezes. Poisoned. Eyes, nose throat. Regeneration helps. Pureblood spell.
This place sucks. Discuss leaving. Why would someone create a deathtrap grave?
There were arcane symbols on the wall of blood chamber. Taen can search it without stirring up. Mask.
Capstone. arcane symbols. sketched by Taen. Shown to Rowen. Astrological symbols.
Pull chain. reveal starlight window. Hidden on outside by glamour.
Coordinate outside. Khabsha breaks it with hammer. Lower down inside. Gang's all together.
Graham finds some old scrolls. too brittle. dangerous herbs. get out of room.
Gloomrot hall.... discuss options. Spend a candle searching for hidden passages. fine tooth comb. no luck.
Khabsha: Stoneskin. Greater Radiance. eats magic. careful walk through maze.
This place sucks.
Robed dead. more pits. What are these for? Paintings on walls. Beornian daily life. hunting hounds. ships.
Downstairs. Warrior Room. shields, spears. Cold Iron door, much like front door. Reverse passage. lets check that out.
Warrior barracks. storage rooms. Paintings. Warriors "valhalla". Searching.
Graham sees Rowen out of corner of eye. Asks question. Not Rowen, actually Athelbran. Scares Graham into pit. Quick thinking. Jam halberd into walls. Slow descent. oomph.
Bone Golems attack. 4 in pit. 5 in room. Blades not as effective. minor wounds Taen and Rowen not as effective. Graham smashing left and right. Khabsha's hammer good.
Destroyed. Nicks in halberd.
Search storage area. unopened barrels. No exit. Search pit for secret passage. no luck. Have to try cold door.
This place sucks.
Cold door. Pushed open. Extravagant hall. Death magic. Rowen peeks. Sees bodies to left, statue of king to right. Sloping passage. Strange eyes. Paralyzed. Pulled back into room by Graham.
eyes moving, body cold and lifeless. Worry. Discuss. no pulse. Slowly revived. Dangerous statue. what to do? tie rope. send someone else out. hmmm.